Severe Weather

Our Top Tips For How To Reduce The Impact Of Severe Weather On Your Business And Home

For Businesses;

To reduce the impact on businesses of days of snow, we recommend that the following steps are taken immediately:

  • Review your business continuity plan; think about how you’ll best be able to service your customers, suppliers and key stakeholders if your business is disrupted
  • Give early warnings of any problems to your customers and suppliers
  • List (in a safe place) the telephone numbers of the people you may need to contact, e.g. insurance company, emergency plumber/electrician
  • Encourage staff to plan alternative routes to work in the event that their usual route is disrupted
  • Speak to your IT department to enable more of your staff to be able to work from home
  • Priority areas should be salted and gritted in advance. Arrangement should be made for access routes to be inspected regularly. Temporary signs denoting safe routes may be necessary.

At Home;

  • Leave your central heating running, not on a timer, but at a constant temperature (the coldest time is between 1am and 3am). If possible, leave it running in all rooms
  • If you know you’re going to be away, either leave the heating on, or drain off your water and heating systems. If you have a property that is unoccupied, drain the system. To do this, turn off the stopcock, shut down the boiler and open all taps. If you’re unsure about the central heating, speak to a plumber. Remember to leave your insurance details with a friend or neighbour
  • Check the lagging on your pipes and water tank – pay a visit to the loft if needs be. If you have enough constant heating in the house, it will prevent the water tank from freezing. The most likely effect of the sub-zero temperatures in the home will be frozen pipes and water tanks
  • Bring pets indoors and if you have fish, leave something floating in the middle of your pond – ie a ball. When you want to get air to them, lift up the ball
  • Keep a supply of batteries, torches and provisions
  • If your home loses power – keep the freezer door shut
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